After Sales

After you have ordered your building from us our Customer Service team will help with any queries and further information you may require.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, as every customer is as important to us as the next, no what matter what the order value.

Your building, if erected by our fitters carry a 12-month guarantee, but will require re-treating within the first 3 months to maintain this.  We recommend a good quality treatment; the colour used by us is available to purchase from us at our site or can be delivered with your building.  We also stock other colours from our supplier Protek.

If the building has been 'self-assembled' only manufacturing errors will be covered by the guarantee and not fitting errors.

The guarantee DOES NOT cover wind damage, any faults arising from your base not being flat and level  or any rippling or creasing of the felt that has been caused by temperature fluctuations.

"Our buildings are the end result of our efforts and they should be the best in serving our customers.  As our products are viewed, so are we viewed"