Your order is very important to us and as such we train our fitting crews to the highest standard. 

When a delivery date has been allocated you will be contacted by a member of our customer service team, who will:

  • Ask about the base to ensure it is flat and level (ideally concrete or slabs).  If we are fitting on to gravel we recommend that you order bearers.  The fitter will do his utmost to fit the building however if it is not flat and level he may refuse to fit the building until it has been made flat and level, if this requires another visit we have the right to charge for a re-delivery.  You will be asked if you have a gap of approx. 1' around the building once it has been fitted, this is to allow enough room for the overhang of the roof and for you to retreat your building.
  • Please ensure you have considered any height restriction to allow each section to be carried from where our fitters park to where your base is situated.  Most buildings require 8' (2.43m) clearance and will not go through standard doorways, under arches or gates with lintels over.  Tight corners maybe a problem too.  It is your responsibility to provide free and unobstructed access for delivery.  Under no circumstances will components be carried over garage roofs, high fences, hedges or high walls.  If you do not have suitable access please advise us at point of order all of our buildings can be made in smaller sections to fit through standard door heights.

You do not have to be present when the building is fitted, access must be open and any special fitting instructions should be left for the fitting team.